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Towards zero waste apparel

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Pollution in apparel is a growing concern

Apparel industry contributes significantly to waste and consumer awareness is increasing.

70m barrels of oil used for virgin polyester

1.3 trillion gallons of water for fabric dyeing

13m lbs of textile waste go into landfill (US)

10% of global CO2 emissions

TRUECYCLED uses ocean plastic as yarn

Our local partner BPPL Holdings PLC uses plastic bottles as its main raw material and fugitive plastics that end up in our shores are collected.

We asked the question, what if our supply chain is circular just like our product is?

Then we found the partners we need to make a truly circular supply chain model a possibility and reduce environmental impact at every stage of production. From knitting, dyeing, sewing, finishing, packaging to delivery. The last piece of the puzzle is your customer, who will recycle this product at the end of its use.

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