A revolution in seamless knit has arrived with onEKnit. Enter a world where garments are made to order and customized to suit your needs—born from the amalgamation of our breakthrough developments in mono materials, 3D contouring, and complex knit structures.

With 50+ years of combined experience, we are experts in knit; with over ten patents (and counting) in our portfolio, we specialize in creating stylish but functional clothing that enables a circular business model that is fully transparent.

Embrace the revolution and celebrate your unique style with clothing designed just for you. In addition, it is less damaging to the environment than traditional clothing manufacturing practices, has a lower carbon footprint, zero waste, and can be onshored in-store or in the region.

Embrace the technology that is shaking up the apparel world.

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Our Work

Twinery’s groundbreaking customizable men’s boxer brief has been awarded the prestigious 2023 ISPO award. This product incorporates cutting-edge knit technology to deliver the ultimate comfort and performance for men of all shapes and sizes.

Our boxer brief offers three customizable leg length options and three customizable elastic waistband options, enabling you to create a perfect fit tailored to your unique body shape and size. This brief also features an anti-friction strip along with an anti-ride up function to provide maximum support and prevent discomfort during movement. The last drop absorption patch further enhances its functionality as it absorbs moisture/liquid on the inner layer of fabric but is invisible from the outer layer. Additionally, the strategically knitted and placed sweat management zones ensure that you stay dry and comfortable during any physical activity.

The anti-bacterial and breathable material, along with enhanced moisture management, make it ideal for active and outdoor lifestyles for all ages. It has been manufactured sustainably using a patent-pending technology that enables on-demand production which guarantees zero waste, making it an environmentally friendly choice. The four-way stretch and support compliments free movement, empowering men to feel comfortable and confident in their own skin.

These innovative features address longstanding issues and allows you to customize your boxer brief to meet your individual needs.

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