Twinery On Tour

Here at Twinery, we’re working on the future of smart apparel and textiles and we’ve already developed several groundbreaking technologies and innovative products. From heating technologies to illumination we’re hacking the way clothes are used from being just a layer you wear to help solve human problems through functionality.

I work in the Wearable Tech team at Twinery leading some of the new product innovations and taking them to the industry. I have been personally working on biomechanics and how we can translate it into performance and technique coaching, and how it can help athletes improve their performance on an on-going basis through textile technologies that can provide feedback.

I recently had the chance to take some of our technologies on tour, to some of the leading industry conventions.

First off was the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) held in Las Vegas. The exhibition is synonymous with innovation sprawling over 240k sqm, and the focus areas of this year’s event were Smart Cities, Smart Home, Driving Tech, Wearable Tech, Sports Tech, Connectivity, Computing & Entertainment.

At CES Twinery showcased Phoenix, our heated textile technology and also Firefly, our illumination textile platform for which we were named an Innovation Award Honoree in 2017. Our key aims of participating were to interact with companies that we can collaborate with, position ourselves as one of the leading textile and soft goods technology integrators and scout for new trends and technologies that we could tap into.

In addition to having a specific booth, we also conducted an activation with Google and collaboration with mBient Labs. I also had the pleasure of being interviewed by Tech TV [LINK TO TECHTV VIDEO] and discussed some of our core technologies. We had some very productive meetings and it was great to see people get excited about our technologies as they dropped into our booth.

Next up was ISPO, the world’s largest sports apparel trade fair, which this year was held in Munich. It was the first time we participated at this event, and together with MAS, the key trends on display at ISPO included Innovative performance textiles, Functional coatings on fabrics, Waterless dyeing, Impact Protection, materials ( Eg: EVA, PU, Silicone), Breathable membranes, Heating garments (Printed panels, Carbon fibres) and Cooling garments.

We were thrilled that Firefly picked up its second trade award and was the only smart apparel in the Tech Layer sector from the Health and Fitness category!

It was a great experience to have taken Twinery on tour with our amazing team and show the world how we innovate.