Spryng Med ILF 2019 Conference

Through the introduction of new technology that provides medical-grade muscle relief and blood circulation improvements to both the calf and thigh. SpryngMed was ready to be showcased at the very prestigious 9th International Lymphedema Framework Conference (https://www.lympho.org/2019-usa/) in Chicago, USA.

Lymphedema a long-term condition causing swelling in the body’s tissues that affects millions of people around the world. Thus, the purpose of the conference is to create greater awareness and encourage education related to this chronic, debilitating condition, along with global treatment options.

With the launch of SpryngMed, Twinery has continued to expand and create product variants to its original start-up brand Spryng. SpryngMed is a completely new variation of our revolutionary Spryng muscle recovery tool, which provides advanced compression therapy, medical-grade muscle relief and blood circulation improvements encompassing much of the leg is the ideal for combating a chronic and debilitating problem such as Lymphedema.

In fact, with multiple opportunities and applications, the innovative WaveTech compression pattern utilized by SpryngMed and Spryng has already proved its efficacy over and over again in tests that took into account a range of audiences, including athletes, lifestyle gamers and even workers spending the entire day on their feet. Many of whom emphasized its effectiveness in relieving aches and pains.

Ultimately, the team manning our booth at the 9th International Lymphedema Framework Conference found it very gratifying to answer a significant number of inquiries about SpryngMed. In particular, since many queries were from top experts in this increasingly vital field. The area of Compression Therapy has gained significant momentum in the recent past due to its viability as an alternative to the use of pharmaceuticals primarily, especially since it has fewer side effects.