Spryng and Become

Continuing its string of successes, Twinery is pleased to note that two of our moonshot innovations, Spryng (active compression) and Become (anti-flush), have each achieved an impressive landmark of USD 1 million in sales.

Spryng in particular had recently completed a series of stellar Kickstarter and IndieGoGo campaigns, resulting in several thousand of these excellent and widely-lauded active compression garments already delivered to clients. Excitingly, the consumer version of Spryng will soon go on sale at www.spryngme.com, while a medical grade unit that was launched just this year, SpryngMed, is already being prescribed by doctors to help alleviate symptoms of Deep Vein Thrombosis and Lymphoedema.

Also due out soon, Twinery’s newest innovation in active compression, SpryngTravel, sees its mission as adding comfort for travelers. In particular, SpryngTravel helps with the swelling that occurs when one is not able to move around freely, such as being stuck in a cramped, economy seat for too long. It is also helpful for faster recover once one has landed or otherwise arrived at their destination, ensuring quick relief as well as less arduous and more comfortable travel for everyone.

Twinery’s other USD 1 million success story is Become, which is dedicated to helping menopausal women. It does this by alleviating the very real suffering associated with hot flushes.

Become has achieved its admirable goal by offering a range of tops, leggings and nightdresses made using a flat thread and knitted on a cross-section, which presents a bigger surface area to more effectively transfer warmth away from the skin. Further, unlike its competitors, which typically launch Femtech as an offshoot from main, high performance gear, Become’s clothes go far beyond only using anti perspiration wicking and odor control technologies in line with sports wear. Become’s emphasis continues to be using space age technologies to cool your skin rather than just get rid of sweat, which is in no small part due to hundreds of hours of research and testing dedicated to finding out the true need of menopausal women.

And Become’s customers obviously agree. These products resonate so well with customers that our bestselling anti-flush nightdress has already seen a sales growth of 213% this year alone, despite Become only launching in 2016.

This is by no means the end of Become’s plans, they continue to brainstorm, design and create new solutions for menopausal women virtually every day. But not just to wear to work, to also help them during play and, most important of all, to give them the peace of mind from a good night’s sleep.

While Become was created and designed in Sri Lanka, its life-enriching product line is currently available online primarily for the UK market at www.webecome.co.uk. Plans are also in the works to soon roll out a large-scale American operation as well. These and other initiatives will allow Become to reach women globally, helping them permanently fix problems with Hot Flushes in a more meaningful way.

Women experiencing menopausal symptoms have until recently been underserved as far as products and services to help them manage their symptoms are concerned,” said Joanna Brewis, professor of people and organisations at the Open University and co-author of a 2017 government report on the effects of menopause on women’s economic participation. “Women in this age group can feel overlooked by a clothing and beauty market that predominantly targets younger women.