Spryng, a Twinery start-up, raises USD 600,000 via Kickstarter

Paradigm shifts are often slow and steady. But once in a while an idea so completely captures the world’s collective interest that you know almost at once that it will truly spark a revolution.

This is why we are excited to reveal that Spryng, a Twinery start-up developing the world’s most advanced muscle recovery tool, recently blasted past its Kickstarter goal of USD 15,000 in just 15 minutes!

If this is your first time hearing about Spryng, it’s a untethered, pneumatic compression wrap that is sleek yet super affordable. A real world’s first, this muscle recovery industry breakthrough truly turns conventional thinking on its head by offering up a patent-pending WaveTech compression pattern, that closely mimics a skeletal muscle pump and allows the enhancement of one’s natural circulatory flow.

Spryng has already been widely lauded by a number of leading tech publications such as Engadget, Digital Trends, Gear Junkie, Engearment, Geeky Gadget, BioSpace, MedGadget and New Atlas.

But, more importantly, Spryng has garnered overwhelming praise from a number of different test audiences, including pro athletes and wellness enthusiasts. In particular, workers spending the entire day on their feet commented on its effectiveness in relieving aches and pains; similarly with those suffering from poor circulation due to Spinal Cord Injuries, etc.

No doubt thanks to its unbeatable recovery and performance benefits, as well as its cool 8 bit grid designs and funky colors, naming products “Orion Plays Ping Pong”, “Monkey Business” and “The Blue Flame” to pay homage to classic 1980s video games; Spryng has been so well received that, in just 30 days, it raised over USD 600,000 via an excellent Kickstarter campaign. Following this sensational response, the Twinery superstar has shifted into high gear, significantly advancing its mission of getting this indispensable innovation into the hands of professional athletes and enthusiasts spanning several sporting and e-sport disciplines who so desperately require it.

Interestingly, the technology behind Spryng was initially looked at as a solution for diabetic foot ulcers, a serious problem which can ultimately lead to amputation and other severe health impediments. The innovative WaveTech compression pattern we deploy is so effective in improving circulation that we realized it actually solved a number of other associated problems, from helping with muscle recovery to even providing relief for swelling and generalized leg pains. This exciting discovery has also led to Twinery exploring a host of groundbreaking opportunities in related areas.

Spryng is only one of several life-changing concepts from Twinery, which is at the forefront of solving a variety of real world problems. Incubating and propelling the next generation of innovators and ideas, Twinery has already positively improved the lives of many in fields as varied as high performance and muscle recovery, femtech, wearable technology, healthcare, etc. Redefining what’s possible in the apparel and soft goods sector, Twinery is spearheading the future thanks to disruptive technologies deployed via well designed and exciting new products such as Spryng.