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A platform for open innovation

By seamlessly integrating technology into textiles, we add powerful new functionalities and enrich the human experience of having soft goods next to your skin. We welcome inventors from any industry to step forward with innovative concepts that can be adapted by the apparel industry.

What is Open Challenge?

We believe the answers to our most difficult questions already exist in the world and can be found if we work together. When we combine Twinery’s talented entrepreneurs, innovators, scientists, and engineers with the world’s most visionary thinkers, companies, research labs, and start-ups, incredible things can happen. Through our Open Challenge, we are looking for partners from other industries to collaborate with Twinery – whether you have a solution to one of our needs or simply have a great idea that you want to pitch to us.

What is Open Challenge?
What is Open Challenge?

How Open Challenge Works

Submitting solutions:

  1. Explore our challenges below.
  2. Tell us about your solution by filling in our form by each challenge.
  3. You’ll hear back from us within 15 working days.

If your submission is successful we’ll help you take your idea to market.

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Team Twinery

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ETP Sludge Treatment

Can we reduce the water content of ETP sludge?

Feel Better Cotton

Enhancing the handfeel of lower-grade cotton

Leak-free Swimwear

How can you enjoy water while menstruating?

Psst I’m Full

Developing wetness indicator for underwear

Love the Lace

How do we make the label less irritable?

Perfect 10 Dry

Is there an eco-friendly and quick dry material?